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Jan 5, 2022


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Jan 5, 2022
Are all the old posts being removed? Most sections don’t even has any threads now


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Jan 5, 2022
@kennytv I have to say while I like the new design and overall direction, it really introduced some major pain points which made the forums worse than before.
I guess this is the opportunity to provide some feedback, and I hope it will be helpful to you:
  • I really miss being able to use proper markdown for editing. It seems to be interpreted to some degree now, but some important things (# title, and lists) don't work. I also cannot use the UI "insert link" button while editing in "BB-Code" mode (that's still a thing?). The WYSIWYG editor is fine, but especially dev's have probably enjoyed and used the markdown part a lot - I know I did. Previously I could also just copy and paste my already finished that I use on github, but now I have to invest more time to adjust content specifically to this site.
  • IMO the message threads are a lot harder to read now as opposed to the discourse forums. Sure they look nice, but they also introduced a lot of auxiliary buttons and labels ("bloat") around the message content (profile information, gigantic report, like, quote buttons, a bar just for likes, date, ...). This really makes reading long threads very painful. I'd like more focus on the message content as this is a forum. Previously all the buttons were small and out of the way when reading the content, but now they interrupt the reading flow.
  • New forum software but no 2FA? I'd really like to see that on any site providing a login these days. (EDIT: turns out I'm blind! Glad it's there!)
  • (On a related note but not specifically about these forums): I thought I remember some post from a year ago where the Paper project said they'd like to introduce a portal to publish plugins. I had to re-publish a plugin release for the new forum, but hoped we'd get some centralized portal optimized for plugin releases, and less like a forum as they are not ideal for that. (bad discoverability, bad user-search, bad to update). But that was the same previously.
Please don't get me wrong, I still really like the overall appearance of the forum, but as you did publish a poll including 2x yes and no actual way to vote no I thought I might give some real feedback on where I think the forum got worse than before, from my view as a user.

I also do appreciate moving away from a 3rd party to host forum software. I think the project is doing great and I hope you can relate to some of my points.
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Deleted member 94

Yes I agree with markdown issue. I thought we had moved to a world where BBcode had died but I guess not and it still exists. I also can not embed SVG images in my message anymore which creates pain but I hear this is worked on for future.
I asked about central plugin portal and this is supposedly still going to happen but no date was given. I understand no date, giving estimated time is never possible for thing like this but I do not want to have to republish plugin again.

Biggest inconvenience for me is no markdown support, BBcode is very hard to use and looks ugly. But I hope SVG issue may be fixed.


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Dec 11, 2021
the lack of markdown is honestly kinda saddening in some respects, but, this is a forum, so it creates some caveats between bbcode vs markdown and who is more familiar with what, discords existence has defo changed the scene though, if there are ways of doing this we can definitely look into it but it's not something which would be a priority

as for the theme, overall I think it's nice but there are some areas which are kinda 'eh, this is an area which we may work to improve over time, not sure anybody on the team really deals with this stuff much,

I actually can't see the 2fa settings locally, maybe I'll try a different theme? but, there are providers which are enabled for this so it should work - nvm, am blind, in password and security, above where you fill the password in

we now that the forums are a horrible solution for plugin releases, it's only ever been intended as a stop gap solution for people to have somewhere to link their cool stuff that they can't link anywhere else, hangar is in progress and in the last 10% of stuff to do (which takes 80% of the time)

SVG issue is pretty much "typical xenforo", their image proxy basically doesn't support svg and so breaks them

Deleted member 94

I did a search online and it says that markdown is parcially support, including lists but it it is converted to BBCode on save which is not the best for future editing but it is better than nothing. here is where I read it

Here is a test:

example java with generics:
public class GenericListWrapper<T> implements List<T> {
	public static void main(String[] args) {

	private static void case1() {
		List<String> l = new GenericListWrapper<>("First", "Second", "Third", "Fourth", "Fith");
		l.addAll(l); // duplicate
		l = l.subList(l.size() / 2, l.size()); // sub-list of duplicates
		l.forEach(s -> System.out.println(s)); 
	private static void case2() {
		Set<String> s = new HashSet<>();
		GenericListWrapper<? extends CharSequence> l = new GenericListWrapper<String>(s);
		l.forEach(x -> System.out.println(x)); 

	private final List<T> internal = new ArrayList<>();

	public GenericListWrapper(Collection<T> c) {

	public GenericListWrapper(T... t) {
		for (T v : t) {

# Heading
## Second heading

Unordered list:
  • list item 1
  • list item 2
  • list item 3 with inline code

Ordered list:
1. list item 1
2. list item 2
3. list item 3 with inline code

Some inline code by itself.