Announcement Paper 1.19.1

The 1.19.1 Update​

We are excited to announce that Paper 1.19.1 is now available! As far as we know, it is in a good state for production use - however, it is still early in the release cycle and new bugs may be discovered at any time, so we recommend that you make a backup of your server before upgrading.

Chat Signing and Reporting Concerns​

We have received a great deal of concern regarding our stance and support for the new chat signing aspect of Minecraft. As such, we figure it best to clear up a few points in this announcement.

First: Paper will add support to its API so that plugins, servers, and developers that wish to use these features have the ability to without hindrance from us.

Second: Servers, plugins, and developers that wish to disable chat signing will also have the ability to do so without any hindrance from us. We will not enforce the use of Minecraft's chat signing features nor will we use our software to actively prevent the bypassing of these new safety features.

Third: We may choose to implement restrictions on our community's discussion of the bypassing of chat safety features. Similarly to offline mode servers, we would not at the same time prevent people's actually doing it, and will leave that decision up to each server owner and anyone using our software.

Fourth: Paper is not so involved with Mojang as to be able to make changes or decisions on this new system. Mojang has generally been involved with the community for years in multiple ways, but we have done all that we can do by bringing up various concerns about the new system with them and leaving it in their hands.

Finally: There is more information on the new system at This is accurate information as far as we know, and will be updated as new information is made available.

If you'd like to help the project's infrastructure costs, feel free to check out - we greatly appreciate your continued support! Also, a special thanks to kennytv and Machine Maker for their extraordinary help on this update. They both have GitHub Sponsors if you'd like to contribute directly to them!

Chunk System Rewrite​

We recently announced on our discord that a new chunk system is in development and needs testing. It has been updated to include 1.19.1. You can find more information at the PR on our GitHub. Please do not test this on worlds that are not backed up, or on production servers, as it is unstable and will probably break things. We appreciate any help in identifying and reporting bugs - please report anything broken on the same PR, linked again here.

One more reminder to please back up your server before upgrading to 1.19.1 - it is very important to do this!
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