Question Best Way to combine multiplie MC-Servers in one Server


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Jan 15, 2024
Hello Guys,

I have three seperate MC-Servers running with Paper 1.20.4 on one Linux Rootserver. However, if there are several players on all three MC-Servers, the MC-Servers have performace problems an the TPS drop to 12 to 15 for each MC-Server.

So is there a better an more performance saving way to run Multiplie Servers (Worlds) in one MC-Server instllation.

I also heard about plugins like Multiverse-Core, where you cann add several world to your MC-Server, but it is possible to connect each of the three overworlds with an specific nether and end world?

Thank you for you help Guys.


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Dec 13, 2021
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Multivers-core only creates additional worlds on top of the original 3 from Vanilla Minecraft. It is unlikely to help you with performance issue.

It's important to get a proper diagnosis first since you mentioned you are having performance issue.

Try to download this plugin and make a profile while you are having lags.

You can reply with the report URL here or join the PaperMC discord #paper-help channel for additional support.