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    Mojang chat report

    There's a very vocal minority against this, yes. Key word: minority. According to BStats global stats for Bukkit-based, the peak concurrent players was 180K. Let's assume 50% of servers are running something other than Bukkit-based or have BStats disableld, so 360K players. Then, factor in that...
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    Question Error

    Talk to your host.
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    Question Plugins + mods?

    I'm not going to bother responding to that response from Mohist, since it seems it's mostly pushing the blame onto EssX, and I'm guessing staff would yell at me. The long and short of it is, Mohist is unstable, and has done sketchy things in the past, meaning they're likely to again. Use it at...
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    Question Plugins + mods?

    If you care even one atom about stability, no, a server with both plugins and mods is not possible. They are 2 very different systems that work in very different ways. In addition, many of them do sketchy things to attempt to fix their stability issues, i.e. here's a post from the EssentialsX...
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    Announcement Paper 1.18.2

    Thanks for all the hard work! Looking forwards to MiniMessage finally becoming more mainstream! (And don't forget to keep git up to date Kenny :P )
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    Question Server lagging most of the time.

    LP is one of the best-documented plugins in the world. If you need help, feel free to hop into our discord (.gg/luckperms) for support. Why do you need to hide commands? With regards to your performance issue, try updating your Paper, you're ~50 builds out of date.
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    Question Server lagging most of the time.

    Use Aikar's Flags - What hardware is this on? Those plugins all mostly look fine (aside from the /pl hider, which you don't need). I bet this is a slow CPU.
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    Paper and Bedrock

    Geyser's the "industry standard" for cross-platform. There's probably other ones out there, but geyser is the biggest and most used. I've personally got my own instance up within a few minutes.