Welcome to PaperMC

Welcome to PaperMC! This is the community forum space for our Minecraft software community - here, we ask questions, give answers, and talk about everything to do with our projects.

Paper: This is our Minecraft server software. It's designed to be fast, bug-free, and a breeze to use. With an extensive API for plugin developers to boot, we work hard on Paper and we're proud of it.

Velocity: A recent addition to the PaperMC community, Velocity is the most modern, secure, and highly performant proxy for Minecraft servers out there.

Waterfall: A BungeeCord-compatible Minecraft server proxy that might not be quite as fast as Velocity, but is fully supported and fully supports any BungeeCord plugins you might need to use!

Overall, PaperMC is a community that's excited about Minecraft software and making it better, while also providing a community space that's fun to be in. We have a strong culture of helping people and sharing knowledge for the betterment of everyone involved. Regardless of if you're a developer, run a Minecraft server yourself, or help someone else do it, we hope that you find yourself welcomed (and welcome others!) whenever you join us. Whether here, on Discord, or on GitHub, enjoy your time in the PaperMC community!
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Congratulations for new forum!

I wish luck to PaperMC.