Plugin Release Quartz 1.0 - Powerful command/event scheduling

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Introducing Quartz 1.0

Quartz is a scheduling plugin for Paper-based servers.
  • Schedule events and/or commands using the powerful cron syntax.
  • "Events" have start/end times and can run commands, display messages, play sounds, and more.
  • "Commands" are literally just commands set to run at specific times.
  • Powerful configuration system lets you control the displays and formatting of both in-game messaging and command output.
  • All output configurations support Minimessage formatting and placeholders from PlaceholderAPI.
  • Commented configuration files help explain the options.
The possibilities are endless. Some example events might be special mcMMO XP weekends, Job boost hours, double vote key days, etc.

Here is the default configuration file (as of 1.0.0):

Quartz is MIT licensed, 2021 by viveleroi.

Please join the discord for questions or support.

Currently, the only reason it needs Paper is because of the use of the Kyori Adventure APIs for all in-game displays.