Plugin Release LimboFilter - a bot filtering solution, built with LimboAPI.

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Minecraft Versions
1.7.2 - 1.19.2
Compatible Java Versions
Java 11+

Most powerful bot filtering solution for Minecraft proxies.
Needs LimboAPI to be installed on the proxy!

Test server:

See also
  • LimboAuth - Auth System built in virtual server (Limbo). Uses BCrypt, has TOTP 2FA feature. Supports literally any database due to OrmLite.
  • LimboAPI - Library for sending players to virtual servers (called limbo)
Features of LimboFilter
  • Improved Falling Check - Check X, Z coordinates;
  • Highly customizable CAPTCHA's - change fonts, backplates, colors, alphabet-pattern, length;
  • Client settings and brand checking;
  • Highly customisable config - you can change all the messages the plugin sends;
  • Ability to partially disable protection on low-loads of proxy;
  • Ability to prepare raw packets to reduce CPU usage;
  • Fast MCEdit schematic world loading for CAPTCHA checking;
  • And more...
LimboFilter /vs/ popular antibot solutions:

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