Question Is it worth adding dupe tnt to a vanilla public server?


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Jun 9, 2024
Hello everyone, I'm interested in the topic of TNT dupa. I have a vanilla server with no privates and players are asking me to enable resolution-piston duplication (dupe tnt), but I have concerns that players will be able to destroy all the server's buildings or bring the server to low TPS.

What do you recommend?

I know about the coreprotect plugin, but will it handle tnt?

do you use DUP TNT on servers?
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Dec 17, 2021
TNT duplication only affects the ease of spawning TNT, not any of its behaviour. So players will be able to destroy the same buildings as they can do now and the performance implications would be similar to igniting a pile of TNT. It is just easier for players to do this with TNT duplication enabled. I'd always recommend using a plugin to protect buildings that you don't want destroyed, regardless of whether you have TNT duplication enabled.

As for if you should enable it, this is mostly up to you. TNT duplication means that people can create large amounts of TNT without natural resources, which could mean that players don't have to mine out entire deserts for sand. This can be seen as a benefit. On the other hand, it makes TNT easy to obtain and makes destroying stuff easier, which you may find to make TNT too much of a commodity.