Plugin Release ✨ CleanSC • Best StaffChat plugin (Spigot, BungeeCord and Velocity support)


Staffchat plugin compatible with BungeeCord, Velocity and Spigot, with many functions!​

With this plugin you have the possibility to speak in a staffer-only chat, mutate it, make it invisible only for you, send messages when a staffer enters or leaves the server, speak in the staff chat without carrying out any commands and much more!


Obviously, StaffChat;
Possibility to deactivate StaffChat globally;
Possibility of not seeing StaffChat personally;
Possibility to talk in StaffChat without doing commands;
Staffer join / exit messages;

More functions to come...


/sc (message) • Send messages in the StaffChat;
/sctoggle • Makes StaffChat invisible, just for you;
/scmute • Deactivate StaffChat globally;
/screload • Reloads the plugin.


/sc (message) • staffchat.use
/sctoggle • staffchat.toggle
/scmute • staffchat.mute
/screload • staffchat.reload

(Permissions are configurable from config.yml)


settings: # By activating this option, the console will be able to send messages (not receive them) in staffchat. console_staffchat: true console_name: "Console" # Activating these options, staff members will receive a message when another staff member enters/leaves the server. staff_join_message: true staff_quit_message: true # You can customise permissions. staffchat_use_permission: "staffchat.use" staffchat_mute_permission: "staffchat.mute" staffchat_toggle_permission: "staffchat.toggle" staffchat_reload_permission: "staffchat.reload" messages: # General prefix: "&c&lSC &8»" arguments: "%prefix% &7Use &d/sc <message>&7." # StaffChat talk messages. staffchat_talk_enabled: "%prefix% &7Now your messages will be sent in the &aStaffChat&7." staffchat_talk_disabled: "%prefix% &7Now your messages will be sent in the &achat&7." # StaffChat mute messages. staffchat_muted: "%prefix% &7StaffChat has been &amuted&7." staffchat_unmuted: "%prefix% &7StaffChat has been &aunmuted&7." # StaffChat toggle messages. staffchat_toggled_on: "%prefix% &7The StaffChat is now &avisible&7." staffchat_toggled_off: "%prefix% &7The StaffChat is now &ainvisible&7." # Chat Formats. staffchat_format: "%prefix% &7%user% &8» &7%message%" staff_join_message_format: "%prefix% &7[&a+&7] &f%user%" staff_quit_message_format: "%prefix% &7[&c-&7] &f%user%" # Errors and reload. no_permission: "%prefix% &cYou don't have the permission to do this." console: "%prefix% &cYou must be a player to use that command." staffchat_muted_error: "%prefix% &7StaffChat is actually &cmuted&7 by an operator!" reloaded: "%prefix% &7The StaffChat has been &areloaded&7!" module_disabled: "%prefix% &7This function is actually &cdisabled&7!" modules: staffchat_talk_module: true staffchat_mute_module: true staffchat_toggle_module: true