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    About Skins restorer 1.19

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    About Skins restorer 1.19

    I Am A Cracked Player, That Is Why I Need Skins Restorer, I Use SK LAUCNCHER
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    About Skins restorer 1.19

    So I Installed the plugin skins restorer for 1.19 when it got released. but its not working on my server, is it because I'm using sk launcher instead of tlauncher? or is there some error that stops it from working. (IM SICK OF SEEING ALEX AND STEVE ON MY SERVER). Hoping to get a reply. My...
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    Question Server Is Only *512M* Even though I Gave it *4 Gigabytes*. How to fix this? (*I Need A Solution Fast*)

    My Paper MC 1.18.2 Minecraft server, With no plugins/mods is only getting 512 megabytes of ram even though I gave it 4 gigabytes of ram. And You can also Clearly see that in first picture the notepad is open with: "-Xmx3G" So Pls Give A Solution ASAP. Pictures below> And The server Always ends...