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    Poll for the thread "Mojang chat report"

    Because that's not how it works, platforms are generally protected against the actions of individuals on their services, a Mojang employee doesn't get arrested if somebody on their platform threatens to blow up a building, at best Mojang could offer minimal information about players, where it...
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    Poll for the thread "Mojang chat report"

    1) Not a single poll that I've seen yet to reaches even 500 points, but, yea, the majority. most people don't care to go out of their way to defend this system, most people frankly do not care. I know that there are many concerns, they're being brought to Mojang, and are at the very least slowly...
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    Mojang chat report

    It's literally mojangs platform, you are using their Auth services and all that, and bound by the terms you signed, and agreed to, when you purchased your account.
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    Mojang chat report

    Mojangs platform, mojangs rules. I disagree with some of the stuff, but, am actually doing my best to speak to people to find some common middleground here. The changes mojang are doing make it viable to actually act on things such as predators, something which the community hardly seems goes a...
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    Question Error in Entity Death Event

    getKiller() returns null when there is no player associated with the kill, you need to add a null check, not wrap the return in a requireNotNull
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    Question How to add else part to BrigadierCommand

    You'd need to make the argument not required, and then handle cases where you have that arg, and cases where you don't have that arg; ofc, directly working with brigadier is somewhat niche still within the wider community, and there are many dozen command frameworks people work with instead
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    Solved paper equivalent to spigot BuildTools

    I can't provide support for that thing, you'd need to work out how to get it to produce a remapped jar
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    Solved paper equivalent to spigot BuildTools

    assuming that you're using the gradle userdev stuff, make sure that you run the reobfJar task, and use the correct jar (the none -dev one)
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    Solved paper equivalent to spigot BuildTools

    Trying to run a mojang mapped plugin on a spigot mapped server, you need to make sure that you remap the jar using the reobfJar task if using userdev, and grab the correct jar
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    Question Error

    Generally seams that the host is having issues, everything appears to be running fine apart from when you seem to suffer massive stalls; We can't really determine the why from timings for that one
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    Question class casting issue. any help appreciated.

    PortMappingListener cannot be casted to a ServiceConfiguration, as it says
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    Question Tabcomplete

    I think that if you wanna properly hide a command, you need to implement the command using the brigadier command stuff so that you can put a requirement on the command node itself; It's saying invalid args because it's not able to find any applicable argument structure to send to the client is...
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    Question Server won't start, compiled from the latest git commit (currently d1b1c6f)

    that OG config was invalid, but the logic reads that config would of just basically ignored that and probably just used the default list, which is not saved back; given that anti-xray is disabled in that config this wouldn't of had any side effects bar the fact that the invalid config is hidden...
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    Question Swapped from spigot 1.19 to paper 1.19, got error hell

    You're trying to run paper 1.18.2 on a world from 1.19
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    Question Need help with Paper 1.18.2 Craft Async Scheduler Management Thread

    You'd need a jstack from the server or to attach a profiler, but, some plugin is spewing async tasks, either that or start yanking plugins; Also, try updating stuff.