Plugin Release Zombie Apocalypse

Download Link
Source Code
Minecraft Versions
1.16.5 and higher versions(1.17, 1.18)
Compatible Java Versions
1.8 (Java 8) to 16
Plugin for minecraft paper servers, works in 1.16.5 minecraft version. When you install this plugin in your mc server:
  • Zombies always know where do players stand at.
  • Zombies move faster, and can break blocks.
  • Zombies cannot be burnt in the sunlight.
+ Zombies now can break a 3 block thick wall
+ Plugin is more realistic.
+ This is an incomplete version, it has a lot of errors.
+ Lastest version until May 14th, 2022 with complete features (1.1.6Snapshot)
+ Range the limit for zombie's block-breaking distance, making the game more realistic and easier.
This plugin is still in development, its features are not complete and perfect at all, I will upgrade it regularly and make it better in the future.
This is the first time I upload my hand-make plugin to any forum.
Information about this plugin:
Workable-Version: 1.16.5 and higher versions
Java-Version: 1.8 (Java 8) to 16
Server-Jars: Paper and forks of Paper
Plugin-Version: 1.2.1(Lastest)
+ Nothing special

+ Complete version of this plugin
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Oct 9, 2022
Indeed, the Dropbox link says "File is deleted" and the GitHub is also gone, all the way down to the username/org.
My friend, I'm sorry to bother you, but how do I find a monster plugin like this?I think monsters that can destroy blocks are interesting.:cry: