Plugin Release UltimateServerProtector

• This is an incredibly lightweight plugin, that add an "admin-password" to your server.

• The main features should be considered the function of adding rights to check and creating a personal admin password for each player! All together, this creates an almost insurmountable barrier for the "hackers".
Each admin login attempt can be recorded in logs in a separate file in the plugin folder. Each activation and deactivation of the plugin can also be logged.
You can add a list of admin IP addresses and if someone wants to hack the admin's account, punishment will be applied to him.
It is also possible to add commands that the player can write even before entering the admin password, which is convenient if you use plugins like AuthMe.
It is worth saying that if a player is not recorded in the config, but has admin rights, then with the punish function enabled, you can punish a player who illegally obtained admin permissions as you like.

• Advantages over others "sequrity plugins"
1) Plugin regularly checks players for admin's permissions. Not just for OP and not just on join.
2) Large and fully customizable functionality that is not available in any other plugin
3) Asynchrony and multithreading, which ensure high performance. Plugin does not load the server at all.

• Configurations
# =================================== #
# UltimateServerProtector by Overwrite
# =================================== #

# Main settings
# Plugin prefix (hex - &#colorID)
  prefix: '&f&l[&c&lProtection&f&l] '
  # If false is specified, then you will need to write a password to the chat to enter the password
  use-command: true
  # Password command. (specified without / at the beginning) (by default - pas)
  pas-command: 'pas'
  # Please don't disable
  enable-metrics: true
  update-checker: true

# File configuration settings
# The name of the player data file. (default is data.yml)
  data-file: 'data.yml'
  # The name of the log file. (by default - log.yml)
  log-file: 'log.yml'
  # If this setting is enabled, then you will need to specify the full path to the file
  # Example: root/server/plugins/UltimateServerProtector/data.yml
  use-full-path: false
  # data.yml path
  data-file-path: '/root/server/plugins/UltimateServerProtector/'
  # log.yml path
  log-file-path: '/root/server/plugins/UltimateServerProtector/'
# Additional lock settings
# Whether to block item drop
  block-item-drop: true
  # Whether to block items pickup
  block-item-pickup: true
  # Whether to block tab completion (/version + TAB)
  block-tab-complete: true
  # Whether to make the player immortal while entering the password
  block-damage: true
  # Whether to block the mob trigger on the player while entering the password
  block-mobs-targeting: true
# Session settings
# Save player's IP
  session: true
  # Should player data be deleted after a while
  session-time-enabled: false
  # The time after which the data about the registered player will be deleted in seconds (the countdown starts from the player's exit)
  session-time: 21600 #(6 hrs)

# Punishment settings
# Should punishments be applied to players with admin-permissions who are not in the config
  notadmin-punish: true
  # Should punishment be applied to a player who did not have time to enter the admin password for the number of attempts allotted to him
  enable-attemps: true
  # Maximum number of attempts to enter the admin password
  max-attempts: 3
  # Should punishment be applied to a player who did not have time to enter the admin password for a certain time
  enable-time: true
  # The time for which the player will have to enter the admin password in seconds
  time: 60

# Secure Settings
# Should punishments be applied to operators that are not on the list
  enable-op-whitelist: true
  # Whether to enable commands for adding new players to the config
  enable-admin-commands: false
  # Should punishments be applied to people who have prohibited permissions (default - false)
  enable-permission-blacklist: false
  # Whether to enable IPWhitelist for admins (default - false)
  enable-ip-whitelist: false
  # Should plugin turn off the server if the plugin is disabled (default - false)
  shutdown-on-disable: false
  # Whether to allow a specific players to join the game without an admin password and notifications (disabled by default and unsafe!)
  enable-excluded-players: false

# Message settingd
# Delay between auto-messages and titles in seconds
  delay: 1
  # Enable titles?
  send-titles: true
  # Enable broadcasts for admins?
  enable-broadcasts: true
  # Enable broadcasts for console?
  enable-console-broadcasts: true

# Settings of sounds that will be played when entering commands/actions
# Whether to turn on sounds on commands
  enable-sounds: true
  # Aviable sounds:
  # Sound when catching a player with admin-perms
  on-capture: ENTITY_ITEM_BREAK
  # Sound with an incorrect password
  on-pas-fail: ENTITY_VILLAGER_NO
  # Sound with the correct password
  on-pas-correct: ENTITY_PLAYER_LEVELUP
  # Volume from 0.0 to 1.0, where 1.0 is max.
  volume: 0.75
  # Pitch from 0.5 to 2.0, default: 1.0
  pitch: 1.0

# Setting up the effects that are given before entering the password
# Whether to enable the effect that will be given to the admin before entering the password
  enable-effects: true
  # What effects should be applied to the player (EFFECT:LEVEL)
   - 'BLINDNESS:3'

# Log settings
# Log successful/failed password entry attempts?
  logging-pas: true
  # Log admin joins?
  logging-join: true
  # Log plugin enable and disable?
  logging-enable-disable: true
# Commands that will be applied to violators

# Commands that will be applied to those who have admin-permissions, but who are not in the config
 - 'kick %player% You are not admin!'
  - 'deop %player%'

# Commands that will be applied to those who hava OP, but who are not in op-whitelist
 - 'deop %player%'
  #- 'ban %player% Вам нельзя иметь права оператора!'

# Commands that will be applied to those who have forbidden permissions (disabled by default)
 - 'lp user %player% permission clear'
  #- 'ban %player% Вам нельзя иметь такие права!'

# Commands that will be applied to those who logged in with admin-perms and are specified in the config, but have a non-admin IP
 - 'kick %player% Your IP is not in whitelist'
  #- 'deop %player'

# Commands that will be applied to those who entered the pass incorrectly for the attempts allotted to him
 - 'ban %player% You entered the admin password incorrectly, your account is banned'
  - 'deop %player%'

# Commands that will be applied to those who have not entered a pass in the allotted time
 - 'ban %player% You did not have time to enter the admin password in the allotted time'
  - 'deop %player%'

# Permissions for which the player will need to enter the admin password (Add as many as you need)
- '*'
 - 'bukkit.*'
 - 'minecraft.*'
 - 'essentials.*'
 - 'cmi.*'
 - 'worldguard.*'
 - 'worldedit.*'
 - 'fawe.*'
 - 'permissions.*'
 - 'luckperms.*'
 - 'luckperms.editor'
 - 'luckperms.applyedits'
 - 'citizens.*'
 - 'citizenscmd.*'
 - 'znpcs.*'
 - 'holograms.*'
 - 'multiverse.*'
 - 'coreprotect.*'
 - 'mycommand.*'
 - 'dh.admin'
 - 'ls.admin'
 - 'authme.admin'
 - 'protocol.admin'
 - 'placeholderapi.admin'
 - 'plugman.admin'

# Commands that can be entered before entering the admin password
- '/l'
 - '/login'
 - '/reg'
 - '/register'

# Which players are allowed to have OP
- Overwrite
 - test99999

# Which IP is admin-ip
- ''
 - ''

# Permissions that no one except the players from the excluded-players section will be able to have (by default - disabled)
 - '*'

# Players who can join the server, without admin-password
 - test99999
  - test123123

# Messages that will be displayed to people when entering a command
  message: '&fAdmin permissiond detected! You should enter admin-password!'
  incorrect: '&cWrong password!'
  correct: '&aCorrect password. Have a nice day ;)'
  noneed: '&fYou do not need to enter the admin password or it has already been entered.'
  cantbenull: '&fPassword cannot be empty.'
  playeronly: '&fOnly for players'

# Admin broadcasts (%player% = player's nick / %ip% = player's IP)
  failed: '&fAdmin &3%player% &fentered the password &cwrongly! &fIP: &c%ip%'
  passed: '&fAdmin &3%player% &fentered the password &acorrectly! &fIP: &c%ip%'
  joined: '&fAdmin &3%player% &fjoined the game! &fIP: &c%ip%'
  captured: '&fPlayer &3%player% &fwas detected with admin-permissions! &fIP: &c%ip%'
  disabled: '&6&lWARNING! &fPlugin has been disabled!'
# Log format
  enabled: '%date% [UltimateServerProtector - plugin enabled]'
  disabled: '%date% [UltimateServerProtector - plugin disabled]'
  failed: '%date% Admin %player% entered admin password incorrectly! IP: %ip%'
  passed: '%date% Admin %player% sucsessfully logged in! IP: %ip%'
  joined: '%date% Admin %player% joined the game. IP: %ip%'
  captured: '%date% Player %player% was detected with admin-permissions! IP: %ip%'
# Titles
  title: '&e&l⚠ &c&lProtection &e&l⚠'
  subtitle: '&fAdmin permissions detected! You should enter admin-password!'
# Command messages
  reloaded: '&aPlugin reloaded'
  rebooted: '&aPlugin rebooted'
  alreadyinconfig: '&aThis accout is already in config'
  playeradded: '&aPlayer %nick% sucsessfully added'
  ipadded: '&aIP %ip% sucsessfully added'

# Unique passwords for admins
  Overwrite: # player 1
    pass: '123123' # player's 1 password
  test99999: # player 2
    pass: '321321' # player's 2 password

• Permissions
serverprotector.protect - if available, asks the player to enter the admin password. Inserted into the plugin so that you don't have to specify an extra permission in the config.
serverprotector.admin - allows you to use the /usp command and see notifications about successful/failed password entry attempts

• Commands
/pas <password> - you need to have admin rights or OP to enter it. (you can change this command in the config)
/usp reload - config reload command
/usp reboot - plugin restart command
Admin commands that can be included in the config:
/usp setpass (nickname) (pass) - add a player and his pass to the config
/usp addop (nickname) - add a player to the list of operators
/usp addip (ip) - add IP to adminipwhitelist
/ultimateserverprotector and /serverprotector - analogs of the /usp command

• bStats
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