Question The server won't start


New member
Apr 5, 2023
I had recently added Geyser with Floodgate, When I did that the player UID in the world changed and I thought that the world had gotten a reset, So I uploaded the backup file that was around when I started the server, And Of course, My friends were not happy about it, Neither am I. Well lucky me I have dragged the world out of the server file, But I kept the World_Nether file in the server and overwritten it with another file, So I installed an app that recovers lost files and got the file back. Well, When I added that recovered World_Nether file the server started crashing, And here is the log:

Is it possible to get that nether world back or do I have to accept it and reset the nether world, We liked that nether world because it looked so cool and it has secret passages that we broke hundreds of blocks to make.