Plugin Release Super Saiyan Transformations


Simple plugin that allows you to go super saiyan.

Configurable, easy to use, even add your own transformations.


/ssj base

/ssj list

/ssj [Transformation ID]

/kaioken x[ID]

==== How to set it up ====

Lets go from simple to the more complex ;)

1. Download

2. Copy/Paste plugin in your "plugins" folder (or where ever you keep your plugins).

3. Start server

4. Profit

Permissions Handling:

1. If you're using any permissions plugin, go to where you keep your groups.

2. Each permission has its own batch of transformations. I will list them below. Put the permissions node where you want under the group.

3. Restart/Start the server, and test them out.

==== Permissions Information ====

As custom transformations have been added, SuperSaiyan has had to change its way of managing permissions. The permission for every transformation will be "ssj.<Command Name>" where command name is what is typed after "/ssj " or "/kaioken " to achieve said transformation. This means both Kaioken and SSJ Transformation permissions are mixed, so beware when making custom transformations! A mistake in your config could lead to new players achieving Super Saiyan Blue