Question Server process randomly gets killed


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Sep 23, 2022
hi, Im hosting server with approx. 5 players being online. From no reason process gets killed. The message doesnt appear in logs. it looks like this:

[21:49:36] [Server thread/INFO]: Villager EntityVillager['Nitwit'/25780, uuid='6f304c2d-2176-499b-ae78-61e610e981c7', l='ServerLevel[world]', x=-2880.70, y=118.00, z=-2870.50, cpos=[-181, -180], tl=9520, v=true] died, message: 'Nitwit froze to death'
[21:52:00] [Server thread/INFO]: Villager EntityVillager['Villager'/25781, uuid='e1991cc8-0f23-48f9-ab0f-88a2935f0d61', l='ServerLevel[world]', x=-2880.85, y=125.00, z=-2872.50, cpos=[-181, -180], tl=12400, v=true] died, message: 'Villager froze to death'
[21:58:55] [Server thread/INFO]: Xapi468 tried to swim in lava
[21:59:59] [Server thread/INFO]: Xapi468 lost connection: Disconnected
[22:57:15] [User Authenticator #1/INFO]: UUID of player Usserr is 2fd912e8-120c-3e47-92e8-89eff9e8a726
[22:57:16] [Server thread/INFO]: Usserr[/] logged in with entity id 44422 at ([world]-394.5140056343673, 64.0, 1437.699999988079)
[22:57:23] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 403 - nLogin/INFO]: [nLogin] The user Usserr has successfully logged in.
[23:01:25] [Server thread/INFO]: kawaimleko lost connection: Disconnected
[23:02:26] [Server thread/INFO]: Usserr has made the advancement [Glow and Behold!]

and then from no reason


Im hosting on google cloud, 15GB ram and good, quad core cpu. And Cpu usage goes at max up to 50%, memory even less

starting the server with command:

java -Xmx12G -Xms12G -paper-1.19.2-160.jar nogui