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Version 1.1.4 is not compatible with earlier versions!

What is SecureServerBackup?​

SecureServerBackup is a more secure version of ZombieStriker’s ServerRestorer.
Its purpose is to upload your Minecraft server backups securely to remote SFTP or FTPS servers.

Features of ServerRestorer:
  • Backs-up the full server directory, including plugins, worlds, and config/property files.
  • Compresses backups. Can reduces the files down to 1/4th the size.
  • Includes automatic scheduled backups. Delay between backups is configurable.
  • Anti-Lag: Your server will not freeze when backups occur.
  • Fast backups: Saving servers can take less than a minute.
  • Supports FTP: Upload your backups to your home computer.
  • Backup limits: If you’re limited on space, you can configure limits to the amount of backups that are stored.
Additional Features of SecureServerBackup:
  • FTPS (and SFTP) works
  • Upload backup to multiple servers at once
  • Password protected AES-128bit encrypted H2 database.
  • Easy handling
If you are not planning to upload your backups to a FTPS/SFTP server use ServerRestorer . Use my plugin if you are planning to upload your backups, because the connection information like username and password are encrypted instead of being written as blank text in the config file.

There is no warranty your connection informations are absolutly save!


Find the wiki here: SecureServerBackup Wiki

Source Code:​

GitHub SecureServerBackup Repo

Plugin page at the old forum
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