Plugin Release RustyConnector | Advanced Velocity server and player connection manager

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Minecraft Versions
Paper 1.16-1.19, Velocity 3.1.1-3.2.0
Compatible Java Versions
16, 17
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Welcome to RustyConnector!

██ Paper 1.16-1.19 █████ Velocity 3.1.1 - 3.2.0

RustyConnector is your go-to Velocity server and player connection manager!
Specifically built for optimal scalability and Kubernetes implementation; dynamically register brand new servers to your Velocity proxy during runtime!

  • ✅ Built for large networks

  • ✅ Blazing fast data transmission with Redis integration

  • ✅ Create pre-defined whitelist configs and activate them dynamically​

  • ✅ Register similar servers into families with family-level whitelists and load balancing​

  • ✅ Automatically unregister frozen servers from the proxy​

  • ✅ Set soft and hard player limits for servers​

  • ✅ Whitelist players based on permission, Username, UUID, or IP Address​

  • ✅ Works with LuckPerms-Velocity​

  • ✅ Works with Kubernetes​

  • ❌ Can't tuck you into bed​

Plugin: ✅ Free ████ Support:💲Paid

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