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Runway allows you to support MiniMessage formatting in messages, menus, titles, items and Tablist from any plugin. The plugin works at the protocol-level and modifies incoming packets sent by plugins.

If enabled, PlaceholderAPI/MiniPlaceholders is also supported in messages parsed by Runway. You also have the option to add your own static custom placeholders in MiniMessage.



How to use
By default, to allow MiniMessage formatting in your messages, you need to include the prefix [mm] inside the line, there is no specific requirement if it needs to be in the front, back or middle of the sentence.
This can also be disabled in the config.yml which will make all incoming packets to be formatted using MiniMessage.

PlaceholderAPI/MiniPlaceholders support uses the prefix [p] to detect when it should parse placeholders. The same rules of MiniMessage formatting apply here.

  • /runway reload - Reloads the plugin configuration.
  • /runway parse <text> - Parses the given text to MiniMessage.

Support & Contact
Feel free to open an issue if you find any issues. For feedback or further assistance, contact me via discord: @mrafonso