Question Questions regarding custom item creation.


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Jan 4, 2024
I've added a knife item to my plugin but I have a couple of issues.

I needed an unstackable item with durability. I've seen a lot of people use a carrot on a stick, but that attracts pigs; So I went with a wooden sword. Was there a better item I could've used?

A wooden sword's durability is 60, but I need mine to be only 16. I've damaged the item to 16, but I wouldn't like the tool to look broken & it can be repaired with planks. Is there anyway to modify the max durability of an item?

I want to remove the sweeping effect of the sword.

I wanted it to have the same attack speed as a normal item; So I added an attribute modifier that sets it to 4.0 (What I at least think is the attack speed of hands), but it now says "+ 4 Attack Speed" in the tool tips. I at first wanted to go with itemMeta.removeAttributeModifier(Attribute.GENERIC_ATTACK_SPEED), but that removes the attribute modifiers & not the attributes set up by the game itself.
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