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Jul 15, 2023
1. Can the GeyserMC plugin support the current paper server 1.20.1
2. With the release of Minecraft 1.18, Paper now needs to run Java 17. Do all subsequent versions such as paper server version 1.20.1 or other servers higher than 1.18 require Java 17 to run(link:
3. Which version of the paper server is the most stable, 1.20 or 1.20.1 or another version
4. Is there a recommendation for offline version registration and login plugins
5. Are there any commonly used essential plugins recommended for server startup

Can anyone help answer these questions? Thank you
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Dec 17, 2021
  1. Yes, Geyser supports Paper 1.20.1.
  2. All Minecraft versions since Minecraft 1.18 require at least Java 17 to run. So 1.20.1 will also require at least Java 17.
  3. We generally recommend people to run the latest version, so 1.20.1 currently. 1.20.1 includes bug fixes for 1.20 and Paper no longer provide bug fixes for 1.20, so 1.20.1 will be more stable.
  4. Generally, we recommend people to only allow players with a copy of Minecraft on their server. By doing this, players are automatically authenticated through Microsoft's authentication system.
  5. Which plugins are useful on your server depend on which kind of server you want to create. These are some common plugins that might be useful for your server:
    • WorldEdit: WorldEdit allows you to make complex changes to your world, such as filling areas, copying blocks, creating shapes, use brushes, etc.
    • WorldGuard: WorldGuard allows you to protect specific areas from being changed by people. For exmaple, you can prevent people from changing the spawn of your world, while allowing them to break and place blocks outside of the spawn.
    • Multiverse-Core: Multiverse allows you to create multiple worlds on the same server. This might be useful if you want to have separate areas for people, or for example a survival world and a creative world.
    • EssentialsX: EssentialsX contains a variety of tools that are useful for many different types of servers, such as warps, kits, private messages, nicknames, etc.
    • LuckPerms: LuckPerms allows you to give people permissions which indicate which people are allowed to do certain things on your server. This is useful to ensure you can do everything you want on the server, but your players can't.