Plugin Release Potatous

This plugin adds new mechanics to the game.
When you die, one heart is taken away from you forever. You can restore the heart with a "magic" potato. But to get this magic potato is very difficult.

1) Reduced chance to drop potatoes from one bed. You have grown potatoes on a bed and you collect them. The chance of one potato being dropped is 30%. The chance of two potatoes falling out is 70%. You never get 3+ potatoes.
2) The chance of getting a "magic" potato is 1%. This makes the game much more difficult. This is what this plugin was created for.
3) Magic potatoes can be made only in the standard furnace.
4) The time to cook magic potatoes is about 5 hours of real time. Not game time, real time.
5) Not removed the opportunity to eat raw potatoes - eaten - your problem.
6) Cooked "magic" potatoes restores one saddle.
This plugin was created solely to make the game as difficult as possible. We advise to play with this plugin on difficulty "Hard".
Tested on PaperMC Server.​