Plugin Release PlayKit Early Access 2023.05

Introducing PlayKit - a groundbreaking solution that enables game server owners to monetize their communities with Shopify! With PlayKit, you can sell digital goods, ranks, keys, and more through Shopify's comprehensive e-commerce platform, all while keeping your players secure with OAuth2.0 Authorization. Some of the unique features of PlayKit include type-safe commands, autopilot chargeback responses, and the ability to connect custom player storage. Plus, with Shopify's abandoned checkout and product browse recovery features, you can recover lost sales and drive conversions.

PlayKit is compatible with your favorite Minecraft server software, and is more affordable than traditional e-commerce solutions, allowing you to keep more of your revenue. Don't struggle with broken monetization plugins any longer - try PlayKit today and watch your community and revenue grow!

Screenshot 2023-05-07 at 10-49-21 PlayKit Game server monetization made possible with Shopify.png