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Jun 8, 2023

I will be straight forward as possible. So, yesterday I attempted to join the PaperMC Discord after not being a member on there for awhile. The join of course failed, so just to confirm if I could join or not, I pasted the invite link into my private servers discord chat to see if it says I am banned from the guild. Well what do you know, I am banned from it, I was puzzled at first and then really confused. What could I possibly have done while not being in the Discord server. Was I framed? hacked? or did I simply made an oospy? But, I did not stop there, I went onto the PaperMC forums to find the Paper guidelines link and scrolled down to the Paper appeals discord. I tried to join that Discord to appeal my ban, but then again I keep crashing from joining this particular Discord server. Forward to right now as I am making this post, I am truly puzzled and curious what did I do wrong? And generally I do not participate with the community much, I am pretty much just a lurker, searching up solutions as I am a developer myself. Well then, that is all I have to say, please consider this as a future apology and an appeal of some sort (note: my Discord name is awokens, no tags).

Thank you
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Dec 17, 2021
I've checked the logs and the ban list and you were never banned. This seems like an issue with your client or Discord itself, but unfortunately nothing we can help with.


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Jan 20, 2024
Well here is my Discord ID just in case: 94265396818890752 and my tag before the Discord update: Awokens#1134
Discord bans are also IP based, if there was ever an account on your IP adress. And that was banned previously, you could have been banned on an alt and that could have caused your IP ban.