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Jan 28, 2022
I just place this here because it isn't a plugin for only one software.

Minecraft manage server scripts​

Today, I'm presenting the Minecraft server manage scipts. Running under Debian and Ubuntu.

Why you should use it​

If you run a Minecraft server, you probably get issues by manage them or by updating your software manually.
With this scipts it's probably solved.

What the scripts can do​

  • Updates Paper or Velocity software automatically with save protection aganist malware
  • Can update Bedrock Edition connection plugins
  • Can create Backups and save them with date
  • You can configure everything like you want
  • Install all needed things to work (except for java)
  • You can set your own ram that the minecraft server should use
  • Easy to setup and use

Get it:​

More informations | Download/Get it | Support
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