Guide Paper Chan’s Little Guide to Minecraft Server Optimization!


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Dec 13, 2021
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Paper Chan’s Little Guide to Minecraft Server Optimization!

About this guide

PaperMC already have a well documented page for all the configuration options available to server owners; the purpose of this guide is meant to be more of a walkthrough that aims to explain to the server owners the impacts and the possible side effects each alternation would make to not only to the server itself but also the players who may experience inconsistency to their single player experience.

Another reason that this guide come to existence is to combat the misinformation and myth floating around the topic of "optimization." I've seem many misconceptions and outright incorrect advices given out on other mediums and I would like to help correcting them and also put out the best available information out there.

Why are you making a thread?

I would like to use the new Paper forum as a centralized place to accept feedbacks and suggestions to further improves the guide. Feel free to leave a comment, ask a question, make a suggestions, or correct my grammar mistakes directly down below. Thank you very much and have a cute Paper Chan!

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