Plugin Release MultiLogin - Coexisting Minecraft Authentication and Multiple BlessingSkin Authentication

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What is MultiLogin?
MultiLogin is a plugin designed primarily for Minecraft proxy,aimed at supporting the coexistence of Minecraft authentication and multiple BlessingSkin authentication.
It is used to connect players under two or more external authentication servers,allowing them to play together on the same server.

Where can I use MultiLogin?
Currently, you can use SkinsRestorer on these platforms:

  • CraftBukkit and forks (e.g. Spigot, Paper, Purpur, TacoSpigot)
  • BungeeCord and forks (e.g. Waterfall, FlexPipe)
  • Velocity
How can I install MultiLogin?
It's easy to install MultiLogin!

Read the readme on github

What are the Commands and Permissions?
Read the official documentation for a list of commands and permissions.