Plugin Release MiniGameWorld: Module-based Minigame Framework [1.14 - 1.18]





  • Github
  • This document describe how to use MiniGameWorld pluin in your server
  • Plugin works on spigot, paper bukkit


  • Module-based (All MiniGameWorld, each minigames mady by various dev, minigame maps, minigame configs and 3rd-party work as modules)
  • Same minigame can be played in many different ways with custom config settings, maps made by users
  • GUI Menu
  • Party system
  • Config customizing
  • Also, Can apply to non-minigame-based server, because manage player’s all states (e.g. Inventory, Health, Food level, Exp, Potion Effects, Glowing, Hiding and Game Mode) at the minigame start and finish.
  • Exists 3rd-party plugins (e.g. MiniGameWorld-Reward, MiniGameWorld-Rank)
  • Auto data backup

Features for developers​

  • Very easy minigame creating API
  • Can Use all Events in Spigot and Paper
  • Can add any type of custom data for minigame with custom-data section
  • Many Minigame util tools
  • Also can make 3rd-party with API
  • WIKI

How to apply​

  1. Download MiniGameWorld and wbmMC
  2. Download MiniGames that you want to add to your server
  3. Put MiniGameWorld, wbmMC and minigame plugins in server plugins folder
  4. Make a place for minigame yourself
  5. Update minigame location in plugins/MiniGameWorld/minigames/<minigame>.yml file and run command /minigame reload
    Update minigame location using command /minigame minigames <minigame> location <<player> | <x> <y> <z>>



  • You can get help from some or your minigame developers
  • Discord

User Tutorial​

Developer Tutorial​

Play Videos​