Question Major Lag/TPS-Loss Issues (PaperMC for Version 1.21)


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Jul 1, 2024
Before I start, I am unsure of the Server Specs as I am a cheapskate and running it via Aternos, however, have never had this issue before.

Recently, I have made a new server on Aternos running PaperMC 1.21, as a small SMP-Style Server for me and about 6 friends, we have the same plugins as we did on our old one (we like to delete the old server and make a new one every year, this is the 3rd year the SMP has been running) but since installing a new server running PaperMC for Version 1.21 me and my friends have noticed major lag spikes with the server, where the TPS will drop down to 1.1 for about 5 minutes, before quite rapidly shooting up to 20tps for about 10 minutes, before repeating again.

As you can imagine it's quite an annoying issue, as it's making the server unplayable with people falling through the map or being lagged back, and even connection times being upwards of 5 minutes during the TPS drops.

The server is constantly having these issues, and is always running "51 TPS behind" despite just having a restart.

We use the following plugins:
  • EconomyShopGUI (from Paper)
  • BetterRTP (from Bukkit)
  • ClearLag (from Bukkit)
  • DiscordSRV (from Bukkit)
  • Essentials & EssentialsChat (from Bukkit)
  • LuckPerms (from Bukkit)
  • TreeFeller (from Bukkit)
  • Vault (from Bukkit)

I've attached the output that the server spits into console every 10 seconds during the server's 1 tps tantrums.
Version Output
This server is running Paper version 1.21-40-master@b45d9b6 (2024-07-01T08:23:14Z) (Implementing API version 1.21-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
You are running the latest version


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Dec 11, 2021
timings is not going to perform a clear picture of what is going on, the only real thing of note is that you're using 2 cores of a AMD EPYC 7401P which is basically on-par with 10 year old xeons

Outside of that, 1.21 is still an early release which is missing some performance patches. your log shows that at the time it did a 10 second dump, some player had induced a sync chunk load, you can potentially mitigate this with the prevent-moving-into-unloaded-chunks in the paper worlds settings