Plugin Release KickRedirect | Redirect your players to a server after a server shutdown

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Minecraft Versions
Velocity 3.1.2+
Compatible Java Versions
Java 11+
Redirect your players to another server after the shutdown of the server they were on

This plugin allows you to further customize the try option in the Velocity configuration, allowing you to redirect to specific servers that are not in that list, select a random or more empty server among the configured ones

  • Send your players to servers other than the default try setup
  • Send your players to a random server among those you set up
  • Send your players to the emptiest server among those you have set up


New member
Oct 17, 2022
Would it be possible to add a blacklist of kick messages that just send them a kick message? For example when someone is kicked by staff or AFK kick should be a normal kick with a message and not sent to another server.