Plugin Release Item Frame Wand (lock item frames)

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In vanilla there there are entity tags on item frames that make them "locked" so they cant be broken or rotated in survival mode.

Item frames in this state are useful for maps, etc

Since this plugin just applies the entity tags, even if the plugin is uninstalled the item frames will stay locked.

The wand does not remove the tags, it only grants them, to remove the item frame just break it in creative mode.

This plugin has a single permission (IFWand.wand) that allows the player to spawn the "item frame wand"

Holding this wand and whacking (left clicking) an item frame locks it and say "item frame locked" in the chat

This is a very simple plugin i put together in ~3 hours for a building server im on thats helping to build a fantasy map.

This is a ment to make it so the admins dont have to run a chat command for every time someone needs an unbreakable decoration item frame.
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