Question Ip forwarding message persists


New member
Jun 9, 2024
I need help! the IP Forwarding message keeps showing up despite everything i have tried. Yes I can connect in-game via. my BungeeCord proxy and I can load to backend servers whilest in-game. I am trying to change the message (when players try connect from incorrect port). I have tried using plugins like onlyproxyjoin, ipwhitelist etc etc. Still persists to keep showing the "if you wish to use bungee please setup ip forwarding".

In my BungeeCord config:
online_mode is set to true
ip_forward is set to true

In my backend Paper configs:
online-mode is set to false
server-ip is blank
bungeecord is set to true
online-mode is set to false (one under bungee-cord)