Question Instanced Chest Loot Plugin


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Mar 6, 2022

I've been planning on opening a server for my company so we can poke around in Minecraft after hours, and so can our kids. One of the features I want is an instanced chest loot mod. I found a forge mod that does this, but I don't want to use forge - I want the server on PaperMC and I want to keep the client vanilla so the Geyser plugin will work correctly.

The plugin I want to write is inspired by the Lootr Forge mod. I think what that mod does can be accomplished entirely server side - though without the new client textures of course. Here's a link to a you tube video on that mod:

I'm going to outline what the plugin will do. I have programmed in Java before, but I'm extremely rusty. And who knows, maybe someone here will also want to see this be reality that knows how to make it happen. So here goes.

  • The Plugin will replace all world generated chests with instance loot chests.
  • Loot chests glow for a player until that player opens them for the first time.
  • Loot chests act like ender chests, but they have loot for the player identical to what they would have had if the plugin wasn't present.
  • One loot batch is made for each player that visits.
  • Loot chests cannot be combined with other chests to become large chests (like an ender chest).
  • Loot chests do not interact with hoppers (like an ender chest).
  • If destroyed Loot chests drop a normal chest and the contents of the player breaking the chest (other player's loot will be lost).
This solves a problem that worlds that have been online for awhile have - the longer the server has been online the harder it is for new players to find fresh loot, particularly from shipwrecks and treasure chests. The above are the root features, below are optional ones

  • Admins can place loot chests and place contents in them with commands.
    • Whatever the admin puts in the chest will be duped for any player that opens the chest. Useful for giving players starting equipment in an interactive way rather than simply pushing it into their inventory at start. Also it allows admins to set unique loot in odd spots.
    • Admins can change a loot chest's loot table with commands. World spawned loot chests will use the one appropriate to the chest they are replacing - admin placed loot chests have no default table.
  • Admins can make some or all loot chests indestructible.
  • Since they aren't normal chests loot chests should be useable even in a claim.
The looter mod also makes it so a player has to be crouching before they can destroy a loot chest.

At a minimum I'd like to know which items above can be done with a PaperMC plugin.