How to get the appropriate tool for mining a block?


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Jan 4, 2024
There are both Block.isValidTool() & Block.isPreferredTool() but they tell you if the block will drop something if you mine it with that tool. I want to know which tool can be used to mine the block faster. For example for dirt, a shovel. For oak logs, an axe & for wool, shears.

I can use paperweight (NMS) but I would prefer not to. I've seen the following relating posts but they aren't what I want & Item.canDestroySpecialBlock() seems to no longer be a thing for 1.20.4:
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Dec 20, 2022
Bretagne, France
I just checked the server code to understand how is it done, and internally it is checking the tags of the block for "mineable/pickaxe" or "mineable/shovel" etc.
You can find a list of block tags here:
And the interesting classes were those: (method isCorrectToolForDrops) and the constructor of