Question How I would be able to implement an in-depth hardcore system on my server?


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Jan 20, 2022
I've been trying to create a hardcore type of server for the past month. I've got about all of the plugins I need. I just have no idea how I would implement a hardcore system, that allows players to choose from some sort of a "lobby selector" (from entering a hub portal), and then letting the player choose between 9 different randomized worlds, that the player can start fresh on each "world." And if they were to die on all 9 different worlds, some sort of pop-up that says something like:

"Uh-oh! You ran out of all lives for Hardcore PVE! To start 9 different worlds completely new & fresh, and to get unbanned, visit and buy an unban key, or click 'here'"

And once the player buys the unban key, it does a world wipe (or something along the lines of that) for them, and generates them 9 new world slots from the hub (hardcore obviously.)

So, I was trying to google "how to add multiple worlds to a MC server using plugins" and I stumbled across a plugin called "MultiverseHardcore - Temporary and permanent Death Bans!"

The problem is, it's outdated, and it wouldn't have the ability to create new worlds as well.

Would there be any way to enable a player choosing like out of 9 lobbies in a hub-styled portal, and then generate a randomized seed for each of the 9 selections (for the hardcore PVE 9 lobbies selector?)

I spoke to my friend about this, and he told me this wouldn't be possible because every time a player generated a world, this would cause the server to lag immensely... but if there's any way or ideas that anyone would have, it would be greatly appreciated.

We got to talking, and had ideas like "it would be possible to make just one very large world and split the players in different random places each time they select a lobby option." The problem is, is that it would not wipe out the player's previous placed blocks and things like that... so they could cheese the system, to where they could get all of their items/blocks/builds back.

Another idea was to do some sort of "invisible wall" like a Sky Block type of server plugin, but instead of small plots, the player would have a regular size world, but I don't think this would be possible either.

Again, if there is anyone that would have insight on this issue, and could talk to me about it, I would even be willing to pay for a method/plugin that could work for this idea. I want to have the true hardcore experience brought into the Minecraft server world.
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