Question Help with some mode configuration


New member
Jan 11, 2022
Hey there! Sorry if I posted in the wrong section. I couldn't find an exactly appropriate section to post my question.

I am new to minecraft servers and modding, but have done many a years of hosting other game servers for years. I am trying to figure out how to get these three mods configured in a specific way.

I am using PaperMC 1.18, along with the following mods:


What I am trying to do, is configure specific 'areas' to be admin only build areas (We have a city center that has server specific buildings, like a town hall, a job center etc), and I don't want players (only admins or users of a certain permission level) to be able to build in this area.

Additionally, we have jobs like woodcutter, miner, excavator that we would like to restrict to specified areas (based on their job) to perform those actions.

Then I'd like to setup a safe-zone for griefprevention, where players can only place chests in this area, and not outside of it (So they can't build land claims outside of this safe zone). The rest of the areas not mapped out are free reign to build.

I tried using worldguard to setup areas, but not sure if I am using it correctly, and how I can restrict the areas I am creating to specific levels (admins, etc) or even specific jobs.

Any help would be appreciated, and thank you!