Plugin Release Global chat | A global chat plugin for Velocity

Global chat plugin​

A simple plugin for adding some chat features to your Velocity server, including global chat.

Please suggest a name!


  • Global chat
  • Network join/quit messages
  • Server switch messages
  • See chat in velocity console
  • Configurable messages with MiniMessage support (can be colored/translated!)
All features can be disabled individually.

Upcoming features​

  • Welcome messages
  • Chat filtering (profanity, links, idk?)
  • More placeholders (date, server, luckperms prefixes, etc)

How to use​

Download the jar from the GitHub Releases page, place it in your plugins folder and restart your Velocity server.

Message formatting can be configured in config.toml which supports MiniMessage tags.

Current release is build 24.



Developed on Java 17 with velocity-api 3.1.0, adventure-api 4.9.3 and minimessage 4.1.0.
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Jan 17, 2022
I would personally love to see support for Redis as it would allow this plugin to be run on a multi proxy setup :D
Also being able to turn off the global chat entirely would perhaps be awesome, along with different channels though that last one might include a lot of work for the plugin.

Sorry if I'm going overboard with all of this, just desperately searching for a good global chat plugin that supports Redis.