Guide Framework for making GUIs with Resource Packs


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Mar 6, 2022
Hello! I made a framework for creating GUIs using Resource Packs and thought I could share it. Using custom fonts in resource packs makes it possible to create some nice GUIs, but the process can be a bit cumbersome. Therefore, I wrote some code to do it for me. The code allows you to use an abstracted API that automatically handles the resource pack stuff. Simple GUIs that only contain slots and buttons can use a higher-level API and add pre-existing components. When required, custom components can be made that use a lower-level API, but still without having to mess with files in the resource packs. The framework also handles item movement, creates the resource pack, and sends that. While it may be a bit hard to integrate into a server due to the resource pack, it still may be useful to someone. Here is the GitHub project: Alvinn8/praeter. The version is currently 0.1-SNAPSHT in case I want to make some last breaking changes, or change the name or package or something.


See the bottom of the Creating a GUI page for the code to the GIF above (33 lines of code).
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