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This is a very lightweight plugin for Velocity proxy.

Github repo:

Used API of Velocity 3.1.2, so it may only support Velocity version 3.1.2 or above, and other versions have not been tested.

Please aware that this branch is a snapshot, we have used some new APIs under Velocity 3.1.2-SNAPSHOT. This Plugin probably not work in lower version. If you are running Velocity lower 3.1.2, we provide a lower version plugin - Essential-PlayInfo v3.0.1.

Core Features​

Global PingList​

Display the player ID on the Minecraft server list.


Global TabList​

Show global players on the TabList.

  • You can now customize the display mode and display message of global players. (see config)


Connection Message​

Welcome message will be sent to every player when they connect to a register server. And provide a way to click to switch servers.

  • You can now customize the message in config file.


Global Chat & ConnectionTips​

The most basic cross-server chat function. & Simple connection tips.

  • You can now click the [ServerName] to switch to the target server.


Remember my initial connecting server​

A feature to let your players set the initial connecting server as they like. The default setting is "remember their last connected server".

Players can use command to set the mode and server.

Set default mode
- Description: If set to preset, players will connect to a specific server every time when they connect to the proxy. This initial server can be set by another command. If set to last, players will connect to the server they last exit.
- Usage: /remember mode <last, preset>
- Default: last

Set initial server
- Description: Only work if the default mode is preset. Set the initial connecting server.
- Usage: /remember server <servername>
- Default: null (If null, players will connect to the default server of the proxy)

Players can also use click to command with /remember or connection message.


Optional Features​

Customize your message text​

You can change the custom text in the config file. You can use MiniMessage to color the message.

You can use %player%, %server% ,%previousServer% and %serverList% to replace the variable.


For those who don't want their servers to be continuous global broadcasts, we provide an option to enable "command to broadcast". Which means the chat messages in these servers would be broadcast only when the beginning of the message is "#".



  • Please aware that the custom text has been updated to MiniMessage format in version v3.2.0 or higher. You should use MiniMessage format to customize the message. You can use MiniMessage View to preview your text.
  • If you update from an old version, your config file will be recreated, and your setting will be reset to default. We recommend that you should back up your old config file before you updating this plugin.
  • You can now disable any custom message by setting a component blank with "".

The default config file is shown below:
# essential-playerinfo
# Configuration version. !Please do not change this option!

# Global tablist
# 0 for survival, 1 for creative, 2 for adventure, 3 for spectator.

# Global massage

# Ping List

# Connection Tips

# Remember me

# Connection Message
serverName = "Example Server"

# Custom Message Setting
enabled = false
# All custom text need to be in the miniMessage format in version v3.1.0 (Config file version v3.2) or higher.
# You can use MiniMessage Viewer to preview your text.
connectionText = "<gray>%player%: Connect to <u><hover:show_text:'Click to switch.'><click:run_command:'/server %server%'>[%server%]</click></hover></u>.</gray>"
serverChangeText = "<gray>%player%: <u><click:run_command:'/server %previousServer%'><hover:show_text:'Click to switch.'>[%previousServer%]</hover></click></u> -> <u><click:run_command:'/server %server%'><hover:show_text:'Click to switch.'>[%server%]</hover></click></u></gray>"
disconnectionText = "<gray>%player%: Exit the servers.</gray>"
chatText = "<gray><u><click:run_command:'/server %server%'><hover:show_text:'Click to switch.'>[%server%]</hover></click></u> <%player%> "
tabListText = "[%server%] %player%"
connectionMessageText = "<yellow>-------------------------------\nWelcome to %serverName%!\n-------------------------------\nYou can click the servers below to change your connecting server.\n%serverList%\n-------------------------------\nYou can use <u><light_purple><click:run_command:'/remember'><hover:show_text:'Click to run command'>/remember</hover></click></light_purple></u> to set your default connecting server.\n-------------------------------</yellow>"

To do list​

  1. Reconfigure the whole plugin before programming next feature.
  2. Update the config file and make it more easy to build the custom text.
  3. Adapted to message validation for Minecraft 1.19 or higher.
  4. Record the online period time of players.
  5. Show the time (or opening time) of server.


Release version:

For Velocity 3.1.2 or above:

For Velocity 3.1.1 or below:
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Jan 1, 2023
This plugin has some really cool features like Global TAB, Global Chat and Connection tips I've been looking for a while now! Thank you! ❤️