Plugin Release DontMakeMeAngry - A terrifying night time experience

Just be careful when using this plugin.. zombies, husks, pillagers, skeletons, creepers and cheeky villagers will kiCK oFF bIG tIME when you make them AnGRy!
Hit them a couple of times, and they will leave a trail of fire in their wake, and if you're lucky (or unlucky) you might get someone throwing a fireball in your face!

And if you're really unlucky anyone in a small block radius seeing you're hitting their mate will instantly cause their blood to boil and will kiCK oFF with a trail of fire and fireball throwing… aiming right at you!!!

Instant fun and creates a very hectic night time experience, as the whole area lights up in flames!

Tested on Paper 1.17.1.
Does not use NMS. The plugin uses the Spigot API and Paper's EntityMoveEvent event.

When spawning in entities, it will generate a random name for the entity and add its aggression level. Set "ShowWhosAngry: false" if you don't want to show.


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Jan 30, 2022
V0.9 available now. Either wait for Curseforge to approve or get it from my repo here:

Entities no longer wait to be hit twice before they strike back.. If their health is low, watch out because they will already be tense with anger! Which means If you have a quality sword they'll get angry straight away.. If you've got a paltry wooden sword, pah.. You'll need to hit them more often :)

Every now and then one might go blind with rage. Or really, you'll be blind to their position as they turn invisible.. Leaving only a trail of fire - heading straight for you!!