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Discord Verify [Velocity]​

Let your players link their Minecraft accounts to their Discord account!
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DiscordLink is a plugin that allows your players to link their minecraft and discord accounts. The plugin is able to handle multiple accounts to one user, as well as unlinking users.
  • Role Sync Allows you to synchronize luckperms ranks with discord roles. (setup below)
  • Discord Commands
  • Absolute customization
  • RGB support


Role sync​

You can set up role sync in config.yml near the bottom.
enabled: {boolean} Will allow this feature to function.
server-id: {long id} Lets you configure
{group}: {long id}
The {group} should be the name of the group, and the {long id} should be the id of the role you want this group to point to.
rank-sync-auto: {int} How often shall we automatically sync roles (seconds) -1 will disable it.


code-expire: {int} How long should a code take to expire (seconds)
catch-code: {boolean} If the player sends their verification code in chat, should we catch it?
verify-whole-command: {boolean} When a player clicks the %code%, should we make them copy the command or just the code

Remote SQL​

Take a look at LuckPerms documentation, we function similarly, though we will be using sqlite.


Simply enter your bot's token in the config, as well as the id of the channel you want people to use the command in.


The plugin has some features such as an event system, that supports:
VerifySuccessEvent, VerifyFailEvent and CodeExpireEvent
You can use the VerifyEvents class to register a new VerifyListener.



verify.command - Run the command /verify
verify.command.reload - Reload the plugin - View the help information

Distributed under the MIT License

MattMX#0033 - Discord
1etho#0001 - Discord
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