Plugin Release DatapackLoader

DatapackLoader is a Spigot / Paper plugin that automatically adds datapacks into your server! This plugin is intended as a tool to quicken datapack development, but it can also be used to install datapacks.

There are four options for adding datapacks:
  • Dragging and dropping by hand into the plugin's 'Datapacks' folder.
  • Pasting a URL into the '/dl import <url>' console command.
  • Pasting URLs into 'config.yml'.
  • Enabling 'starter-datapack' in 'config.yml'.

Command | Permission | Description:
  • /dl help | | Describes how to use the plugin.
  • /dl import <url> | (console only) | Imports a datapack from a .zip URL.
  • /dltp <worldname> | | Teleport to the given world's spawn with spectator mode.