Plugin Release CoolProtection

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Minecraft Versions
Compatible Java Versions
Java 11+
General server balancing and protection plug-in against:
  1. Explosions (TNT and End Star) with ExplodeProtection(on or off)
  2. Wither spawn above y level (configurable) with WitherProtection (on or off) and WitherLevel (to set the Y level if ON)
  3. Temporary antigrief mode enabled by chat (!antigrief on/off)
  4. Included base protection for LightningSpawn (limited to 4 lightning per chunk)
  5. Included base balancing for Living Entities generation for small size servers (hardcoded values), more info on download link

The protections will trigger console output if fired, so give some feedback about these and if they fire a lot for you or not.

Enjoy and comment

P.S. Currently developing version for adaptative limit parameters to make fast TPS recovery and self balancing (msg if interested on trying the betas)