Question Clearing crafting slots/item on cursor to prevent inventory exploit


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Jul 21, 2023
How can I clear the player's crafting slots and item on cursor to prevent them from having specific items in places they shouldn't?

In the example below I use a common hack called 'Inventory Tweaks' (sometimes known as extra carry or inventory) which allows you to store items in your crafting slots/cursor and have them persist through closing your inventory. This is a huge issue as it is simple to create a mod with this feature and it would allow players to use items from multiple kits, unbalancing gameplay.

I have looked into replacing the inventory slots but I can't seem to find a method of achieving this as the crafting slots have IDs 1-4, the same as the player's regular inventory. player.inventory.clear() doesn't seem to clear the crafting slots or cursor, only the main inventory and armor slots.



Paper Triage
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Jul 11, 2022
Lublin, Poland
As far as the server is concerned the player always has their inventory open.
I guess try clearing those slots after the PlayerMoveEvent (not sure if that wouldn't also clear them when the player is moved by e.g. water).