Plugin Release Authy - Simple plugin for player login!

What is this plugin?
This is a simple login / registration plugin with a pin add function for users. You can add welcome messages. It also has the option of teleporting players during the first entry as well as every other and much more.

  • Security of passwords and pins
  • An additional function that is not required for players with the / pin command
  • Fast and easy to set up
  • The function of remembering login for 48 hours after entering / remember
  • Completly customizable


When a player logged in / registered but did not have a pin set:

When player has set the pin:


When player has not set the pin:

/login [password] [pin (not required)] - login command
/register [password] [password] - register command
/remember - save login for 48h
/pin set [pin] - sets the pin
/pin toggle - toggle the pin
/pin - help command for pin's
/authy reload - reload configs and translations
/authy - info about the plugin


authy.login - permission for command /login
authy.register - permission for command /register
authy.remember - permission for command /remeber - permissions for commands /pin
authy.reload - permission for command /authy reload
Preview config:
  - "&7Welcome to &6server name&7!"
SendWelcomeMessage: false

  teleport: false
  x: 0
  y: 0
  z: 0

  teleport: false
  x: 0
  y: 0
  z: 0

lang: en_US
Preview lang file (en_US):
# key template:
# [where]_[section]_[key]

enabled: "&aEnabled"
disabled: "&cDisabled"

# can be in minecraft (&x) or hex (#abc123) format
prefix_warning_value: "&l(!)"
prefix_warning_color: "#FFDA4A"

prefix_error_value: "&l(❌)"
prefix_error_color: "#BE4143"

prefix_login_value: "&l(✔)"
prefix_login_color: "&a"

prefix_remember_value: "&l()"
prefix_remember_color: "#AFFFB1"

prefix_pin_value: "&l(〰)"
prefix_pin_color: "#ACEFFF"

prefix_unregister_value: "&l(✔)"
prefix_unregister_color: "#FFCF8A"

prefix_register_value: "&l(✔)"
prefix_register_color: "#CDFF00"

already_authed: "&7You're already authenticated!"
no_pin_warning: "&cYou don't have a pin set! &7For security set it using the &8/&fpin &7command!"

login_success: "&7Successfully logged in!"
autologin_success: "&7Logged in automatically!"
register_success: "&7Successfully registered!"
unregister_success: "&7Successfully unregistered!"
timedout_error: "&7Time for authorization has expired!"

loginprocess_reminder_login: "&7Login using &8/&flogin &8[&fpassword&8] %s"
loginprocess_reminderlogin_haspin: "&8[&fpin&8]"
loginprocess_reminder_register: "&7Register using &8/&fregister &8[&fpassword&8] [&frepeat password&8]"

command_register_usage: "&7sage: &8/&fregister &8[&fpassword&8] [&frepeat password&8]"
command_register_notidentical: "&7Repeated password doesn't match!"
command_register_breaksrules: "&7Password must contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 number and be 6 characters long or more!"
command_register_alreadyregistered: "&7You're already registered!"

command_login_usagepin: "&7Usage: &8/&flogin &8[&fpassword&8] [&fpin code&8]"
command_login_usage: "&7Usage: &8/&flogin &8[&fpassword&8]"
command_login_notregistered: "&7You're not registered! Use the &8/&fregister &7command!"
command_login_wrongpassword: "&7Wrong password!"
command_login_wrongpin: "&7Wrong pin!"
command_login_nopinwarning: "&cYou don't have a pin set! &7For security set it using the &8/&fpin &7command!"

pincommand_info_bar: "&8[%s●&8] &8&m----&r &7Pin &8&m----&r &8[%s●&8]"
pincommand_info_status: "&8  - &7Status&8: %s"
pincommand_info_split: "    &8&m----"
pincommand_info_togglehelp: "&8  - /&fpin &7toggle &8- &7Toggles the pin"
pincommand_info_sethelp: "&8  - /&fpin &7set &8[&7new pin code&8] - &7Sets the pin"

command_pin_setpinbeforetoggle: "&7You need to set a pin first! Use the &8/&fpin &7set &8[&7new pin code&8] &7command!"
command_pin_toggled: "%s &7the pin!"
command_pin_setusage: "&7Usage&8: /&fpin &7set &8[&7new pin code&8]"
command_pin_breaksrules: "&7The pin must consist of 6 digits!"
command_pin_success: "&7Pin has been set! &7Remember to enable it using the &8/&fpin toggle &7command!"

command_remember_success: "&7Session saved for 48h!"

command_unregister_successkick: "&7Enter again and register!"

# do not edit
# only updated when new keys have been added/renamed
version: 1