Plugin Release [Archived] Spartan Webhooks [2.0]

Spartan Webhooks is a plugin that was developed to solve a problem -- there was no way to send webhooks with essential information to Discord while utilizing the popular Anti-Cheat plugin, Spartan. This project initially started as an independent project to sate only my desire, but has been publicized and well utilized since release.


  • JSON based embed configuration
    • Popular builders like this one can now be utilized
    • Supports non-embed messages too!
  • Embed sending now respects Discord's limits
    • Should now no longer trigger rate limiting errors (429s)
    • Embeds will be collapsed to one message, allowing more to be sent without triggering 429s!
  • More configuration options & cleaner configuration
    • Configuration is now done through a TOML file
  • Placeholders managed by PlaceholderAPI
    • Easier to use and more flexible placeholders that can also be utilized in other plugins


  • Only supports the latest Minecraft version (1.18.2)
  • Download in release is built with Java 17, and as such is not compatible with all versions of Java
  • Only supports Paper, not Spigot servers
  • Requires PlaceholderAPI
  • Content section is sent once per grouping of embeds; placeholders not supported for this field