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Apr 24, 2023
Give me what I need



XCommandLib is a simple library that will help you quickly and easily create commands and subcommands. You can also configure your subcommands as you go.
How to use?

How to create and register my command?

    public void onEnable(){
        // To get started, create a CommandRegistry,
        // you need it in order to store your subcommands
        // in it and so that you can easily manage them.
        CommandRegistry commandRegistry = new CommandRegistry();

        // Create a CommandExecutor,
        // you need it in order to register it as a Bukkit command.
        // It will manage all subcommands for you.
        CommandExecutor commandExecutor = new CommandExecutor(commandRegistry, Plguin);

        // Register the CommandExecutor as a regular command for Bukkit
        // You can also register the CommandExecutor as a TabCompleter,
        // then my library itself will sort, filter and display help in the command water
        PluginCommand yourBukkitCommand = Bukkit.getPluginCommand("YourCommand");

        // Now you can add your sub-commands to the CommandRegistry and you can use them in the game!
        // Game Usage: /YourCommand <SubCommandID> <params>...
        commandRegistry.registerCommand(new YourSubCommand());
        // This is how you can set a standard command handler,
        // it will be called when the player has not entered any subcommands.
        // You can use it as a command to display help to the player.
        // Just register HelpCommand as a regular help subcommand and as a DefaultCommand
        commandExecutor.setDefaultCommand(new HelpCommand());

How can I create my own sub command?

// First, inherit the SubCommand class and implement its
// onCommand method and class constructor
public class YourSubCommand extends SubCommand {

    // In the super class constructor, pass SubCommandSettings.
    // You can use builder to easily customize your sub-command.
    // If you only need to specify an ID then you can use new SubCommandSettings(ID);
    public YourSubCommand() {
                // The ID of your subcommand,
                // so that the library understands
                // which subcommand it needs to use.
                .builder("YourSubCommand") // (NECESSARILY)
                // If you want only players to use
                // your sub-command, set it to true
                .onlyPlayer(true) // (NOT NECESSARY)
                // You can set the permissions that the
                // subcommand will require in order to execute it.
                .permission("some.permission") // (NOT NECESSARY)
                // You can set aliases for your subcommand
                .aliases(List.of("alias1", "alias2")) // (NOT NECESSARY)
                // Or add aliases 1 at a time
                .alias("alias3") // (NOT NECESSARY)
                .alias("alias4") // (NOT NECESSARY)
                // If true then the command will be executed
                // in Bukkit Asynchronously scheduler
                .async(true) // (NOT NECESSARY)

    public boolean onCommand(CommandSender sender, Command command, String label, String[] args) {
        // Here you can add logic to your subcommand.
        // The implementation may be the same as in vanilla Bukkit.
        // The library itself will make all the checks for onlyPlayer and permission.
        // Note that in the args array,
        // the first element will always be
        // the id of your subcommand or its alias.
        return false;

    public List<String> onTabComplete(CommandSender sender, Command command, String alias, String[] args) {
        // Here you can issue your Tab Complete for sub-commands,
        // the library itself will filter and sort everything for you
        return null;


If you want to make your own custom messages that the player has insufficient rights or that the subcommand is not found, then use the Actions system.

    public void onEnable() {
        CommandRegistry commandRegistry = new CommandRegistry();
        CommandExecutor commandExecutor = new CommandExecutor(commandRegistry);

        // This action is used to track the event
        // when the player entered an unknown subcommand
        commandExecutor.setCommandNotFoundAction(action -> {
            action.getCommandID(); // ID for the command entered by the player
            action.getCommandSender(); // The player itself, or the ConsoleSender object
            // Here you can send a message to the sender
            // of the command that the command was not found.
            action.getCommandSender().sendMessage("Command " + action.getCommandID() + " not found.");

        // This Action will be called when the sender
        // does not have enough rights to use this command
        commandExecutor.setSenderDontHasPermissionAction(action -> {
            action.getCommand(); // Subcommands that someone tried to call
            action.getCommandSender(); // The sender of the command
            // Here you can also send some message to
            // the sender of the command that he does not have permissions
            action.getCommandSender().sendMessage("You must have %s permission to use the %s command"

        // This Action is triggered when the command
        // was used by the console but it is only for the player.
        commandExecutor.setOnlyPlayerAction(action -> {
            action.getCommand(); // Subcommands that someone tried to call
            action.getCommandSender(); // The sender of the command
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Apr 24, 2023
UPD 2.2:

1. Added asynchronous command invocation, configurable via the async parameter in SubCommandSettings