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    Question server java errrors

    That is part of a stacktrace from an exception that occured on the server. Please provide the entire exception so we can see what the actual issue is.
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    Question Server immediatly crashing on world generation

    If it works locally but not on Minehut, you'll probably want to talk to Minehut about this.
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    Question 17-18 player TPS problem

    You seem to have quite a few villagers, try reducing their numbers.
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    Question server not responding

    Could you show the log?
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    Question High processor usage and low TPS

    Try taking a timings/Spark report to see what the underlying cause of the TPS drops is.
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    Question Updating items in a GUI

    Setting/adding an item in the open inventory will cause the inventory to be updated.
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    Solved Bug with Piston Actions

    In the future please use to report any bugs. The piston setup shown in the image behaves the same as it does in Vanilla, so this is not a bug. As for your textures, you either downloaded a resource pack from the server which is changing these textures, or...
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    Question How to change compatible versions message on PaperMC

    A plugin would be able to achieve this, look for a server list/MOTD plugin that supports this.
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    Question Achievements are no longer announced in the chat since 1.19.2 update

    Make sure to check this for every world. Gamerules are per world and not global. I suspect that some worlds have this enabled and some have this disabled.
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    Question Can't get onto the nether roof

    Try reproducing this without plugins. If it no longer happens, this is behaviour from a plugin and you should contact the author of that plugin.
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    Question Achievements are no longer announced in the chat since 1.19.2 update

    I'm guessing you're referring to advancements. Run /gamerule announceAdvancements to check if this behaviour is enabled. If not, you can run /gamerule announceAdvancements true to turn it on.
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    Question Zombie keeps teleporting out of place when there are too much entities

    My best guess is that this is due to zombie reinforcement spawning. Zombies can spawn other zombies as reinforcements, intended to help the first zombie out. This would explain the additional zombies outside of your farm.
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    Question Don't understand Components

    This depends on how you want to compare item names. If you want an exact match, you should check the equality using Object#equals(Object). If you only want the text to match, then you want to first convert it to plain text via a PlainTextComponentSerializer and then compare the resulting...
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    Question Don't understand Components

    For the example you mentioned, you can use Component.text(String) to create a component which has that text in it verbatim. There are also several overloads of this method which allow you to specify a style and color if you want to do this. Then with Component#append(Component) you can combine...
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    Question File/compiling bug or dev bug?

    Could you show your plugin.yml?