Question What are the basic plugins needed to run nicely my 1.18.2 creative server?


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Apr 7, 2022
I want my server to be a creative server with a plot world but also have one extra free world for experienced builders.
The plugin recommendations I am looking for are plugins that will help with:
  1. Basic server management
  2. Anti cheating/trolling/griefing
  3. Staff and sanctions management
  4. Role creation and permissions
  5. Donations
  6. Voting
  7. Cosmetics
  8. Any extra recommendations for either the server's well-being or for fun are welcome.
Thank you!
Jan 28, 2022
Hello, if you want to run your server good without bugs or lags i recommend this:

1. Basic server management: for management i recommend using this start, stop and restart scipts with make auto software updates and backups. Also it's coded by myself so i really recommend using it. (i make updates often to add new features and better user-friendly configuration)

2. Anti cheat: Clientdetector to block unwanted clients and for Anti Cheat and the addon with is 100% developed at the moment (just ignore the Minecraft version there (Negativity is only on higher versions so the addon too)

3. Staff and sanctions management: is a good ban tool and for the staff i recommend using this: it has good features to manage your staff.

4. Role creation and permissions: is the best plugin for that, it has a save editor to set permissions, and i never had issues with it.

5. Donations:

6. Voteing:

7. Cosmetics:

8. Extras:
World management: a very good plugin for wold management. (i listed here the bukkit site, because they put the most updates there, but it works with every software.
Essentials: just essentials that includes some commands.
Console: to have an nice looking console screen.


i could add many more, but i thing thats enough for the first time