Plugin Release Velocity Command Blocker - fully block commands using regex and permissions

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Command Blocker

Command Blocker blocks commands from being ran, tabbed or even sent to the client at all.

In other words It's a real command blocker plugin.​

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Commands are blocked by filters; each filter has it's own permission that can be used to either apply or bypass the filter.

Each filter uses regex to decide if the filter should allow or block a command. Additionally, each filter can have it's own deny message and priority.

For more information see the documentation tab. Contributions welcome.

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Jan 12, 2022
Update 1.1.1

This update fixes an issue affecting all platforms (spigot, bungee and velocity) in where they fail to call a TabCompleteEvent when a ServerboundCommandSuggestionPacket is sent requesting completions for a root command node.

Normally a client cannot request completions for a root node ever since the brigadier command system was implemented, but with a Modded client or by the use of ViaBackwards clients can send a request for completions for a root command node.

This bypasses any plugins listening for a TabCompleteEvent, allowing exposure of commands to the client.

This now requires ProtocolLib for Bukkit, and Protocolize for Bungee/Velocity in order to block this exploit.
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